Henrietta Lacks Essay

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In the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, we learn about a woman and her families story. Her name is Henrietta Lacks and she gets mistreated by doctors who use her cells without permission and experiment on them. Both doctors and media have abused the Lacks family and treated them more like objects than people. Dr. TeLinde, who was Dr. Howard Jones’ boss, took care of taking Henrietta’s tissues and cells at Johns Hopkins. During this time, he was one of the top cervical cancer researches. He took Henrietta’s cells and gave them to research, unknowing of what he was really doing. Michael Gold, author of A Conspiracy of Cells, published details from Henrietta's medical records and autopsy report without permission from the Lacks family. …show more content…

Skloot. In The Language of Science by Carol Reeves, she states that poetic language is just as precise as scientific language. Both of these things rely on careful observation or keen, whether it be science based or human relations. Poets and scientists both want to get the most precise information across and hope readers understand. They will use methods of similes and metaphors to help portray their message. (Reeves pg. 7)
In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Skloot describes tumors that were all over Henrietta’s body when an autopsy was done. Henrietta’s organs covered in tumors is described as being small and white as if she were filled with pearls. Just like how poets paint a picture with their words, scientists are giving a visual of Henrietta’s organs. This example is a simile that gives precise information along with careful observation.
Along with this, it also is a little misleading in the fact that Henrietta’s tumors are not a good thing but pearls are. Reeves discusses how some metaphors may be misleading. “We must keep in mind, however, that metaphors may hide as much as they reveal.” (Reeves pg. 27) Pearls take away from the severity of Henrietta’s tumors. It seems Reeves is trying to lighten the situation and people don’t see it for how it

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