Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House

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Attitude of Torvald and behavior of Nora leading to the downfall in the play A Dolls house by Henrik Ibsen Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House “ is the one of his most flashy works that had sought to depict the complexity of human understanding and search for the true meaning of life. Its not a play about marriage, but a play about the search for the meaning of “ true love “the question of “ good “ and “ bad “ , the meaning of liberation and self-realization and of selfhood within marriage. In the play the relationship between Nora and Torvald is not smooth and is full of ups and downs. The strange relations can be accounted to their attitude and behavior which eventually leads to suppress and setbacks. At the opening of the play, all seems …show more content…

187) this brings out her child like immature behavior which later ends her up in her own downfall. The relationship between Nora and Torvald is solely based on differing thoughts of both which ultimately leads to the downfall of the play. This is well exhibited when she hides the Macaroons,"Hasn 't miss Sweet Tooth……macaroon or two?"(1.55-1.62)this shows her impish behavior which complements the attitude of herder. Helmer interrogates nora "The child [Nora]……..her way.”(2.385) this suggests that Helmer’s attitude toward Nora was more of a super wiser. These are the minor incidents which pileup towards the downfall of the play. Ibsen, on the other hand, has deliberately built Nora so that her autonomy and farsightedness have been dependably indicated through her juvenile impulse. In spite of the fact that her dad and spouse have truly harmed her handy training, Nora has sufficiently held local shrewdness to face a crisis. That she blunders the circumstance by a reckless fraud gives further assurance to her autonomy of thought and also to her absence of complexity. This blend of astuteness and immaturity is Nora 's most grounded quality. It empowers her to restrict the learning of books and the principles of her common spouse and to test by experience the social theory which proclaims that obligations to the family are the most consecrated. Just a honest person can overcome the hazards of the outside world to

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