Henry Clinton 's First Stop On His Life

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Henry Clinton (1730-1795) Henry Clinton was born April 16, 1730, in Newfoundland, Canada. Sir Henry was the son of Admiral George Clinton and grandson of Sir Francis Fiennes Clinton, who was the 6th Earl of Lincoln. Although nobody knows much about his childhood, we know that as a young child, Henry was influenced greatly by his father. His father joined the navy before the birth of Henry, and impacted his son as he grew up. His father then became the governor of Newfoundland. Even though his father encouraged his son to join the Navy, young Clinton set sail into a military career. He rose quickly in rankings and continued to fight in war. In 1772, he married the wonderful Harriet Carter. They bared five children together. Sadly, while giving birth to the fifth child, Harriet passed away. Henry Clinton’s first stop on his journey to find a career was being in the local New York militia during 1948. Henry was greatly influenced by his father to join the military, and he did. In 1951 he traveled to england to join the British army. In 1758 Henry ranked up to lieutenant colonel in the British army. Two years later Henry was serving as an aide-de-camp to Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick during the Seven Years of War. Henry pursued his dream of being in the army, and continued through it his whole life. By the winter of 1777-1778, Sir Henry had become Commander-in-Chief of the British army in North America. This promotion took place during the American Independence war. When
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