Henry David Thoreau's Beliefs Of Chris Mccandless And His Dream

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Henry David Thoreau once said, “live the life you dreamed.” To follow the words of one of his biggest influences, Chris McCandless did exactly that, live his dream. After graduating college, McCandless embarked on an adventure across the United States, living as a rubber tramp to a leather tramp. In May, 1992, he finally set off on the adventure he most desired for, and trekked into the Alaskan wilderness. There, McCandless would live completely off the land away from society, so he could find himself. Just like Thoreau did during his time at Walden Pond. Sharing many of the same ideas and beliefs, McCandless included much of Thoreau’s views into his own philosophy; such as, a rejection towards society, a need to simplify, and a respect towards nature.
Before moving to Walden Pond, Thoreau was surrounded by a civilization that had an obsession with money and political power, things he greatly despised. So, to march to the beat of his own drum, he went on a mission to live a purposeful life instead of a hastened one. Thoreau lived with the notion that if you don’t like the life society gave you, then you should go off and create your own. And that’s what McCandless decided to do with his own life. McCandless was practically disgusted with the life his parents were living; they had no purpose or passion and were only “happy” because of their wealthy and comfortable lifestyle. This was the opposite of what he believed in. To McCandless and Thoreau, material things and status

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