Heracles: The New Jesus Essay

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Most mythologies contain borrowed aspects from older accounts of the same stories. Myths serve to answer the questions mankind was and is unable to answer simply. Because of the yearning for knowledge mankind has always held, those who were looked towards for answers often had similar explanations based on what they were once told. This sharing of information has given historians an array of mythologies from across the world that can be placed on a semi-clear time line as they adapted and parts changed to better suit a single cultures demands. These oral traditions, later to be written, also found their way onto much art through the ages that now are often open to interpretation since the artists are long passed. The vase's image and text …show more content…

The similarities between the two myths lead to the conclusion that Heracles Eleventh Labor along with the second portion of Genesis are not typical creation myths. The myth itself is not so much a creation myth as it serves a greater purpose than to tell how the world and man came to exist. It's purpose is to demonstrate being and the relationship man has with mortality and his surroundings. Genesis and The Eleventh Labor both feature some very major aspects. Both involve the male intelligent hero, innocent naïve female(s), and a serpent that complicates matters and dwells in the forbidden apple tree. The most clear comparison comes from the garden itself. Genesis places civilization to the east of the Garden of Eden, thus placing the garden itself in the west. The Garden of Hesperides is described as being on Mount Atlas, “...where the panting chariot-horses of the Sun complete their journey...”, also placing the garden in the far west. In addition to the description the Greek word Hespere means evening, when the sun sets in the west. Along with sharing a location, the gardens both symbolize a paradise characterized by carelessness, happiness, and tranquility. The Hesperides are easily thought of as guardians of the garden, but on closer evaluation they are simply portrayed as virginal innocence that comes with living in a paradise as such. The apple tree of the Garden of

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