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Throughout the book of John, Jesus did many signs and miracles. Through these signs, Jesus attempted to show both the multitudes as well as his disciples one small truth about Him—His is God. In this gospel, Jesus goes toe-to-toe with many of the Jewish spiritual leaders (i.e., Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, etc.) in order to show the people who He truly is. Scholars disagree with how many Messianic signs Jesus performed, but one thing remains—every single sign pointed back to the fact that Jesus was who He claimed to be. The signs performed by Jesus show both the Israelites of old, as well as the people of today, that He is, indeed, God.
Jesus performed eight signs to display his deity. The first sign that Jesus performed was turning
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The second sign that Jesus performed in the book of John is the healing of the nobleman’s son (4:46¬–54). This sign is more easily found because Jesus here calls out the nobleman, saying that unless he sees “signs and miracles,” he simply won’t believe (v.48). In this passage, an official comes to Jesus asking him to heal his son. However, the official wants Jesus to go to his house. Jesus decides to answer his request but in a different way. Instead of going to the man’s house, Jesus simply told him that if he believed and went home, his son would be healed. The official did as told, and his son was healed. Jesus performed another miracle, but how is his deity displayed. Jesus shows his deity here by healing the official’s son by simply speaking and not seeing nor touching. During this time, just like every other time in history, there have been doctors. If Jesus went to the official’s house and healed the boy, it could be possible that Jesus would be viewed as such. However, since Jesus did the miracle just by spoken word, his power must be great. In fact, He must be God.
The third sign involves Jesus healing a lame man on the Sabbath day (5:1–18). This sign was the beginning of the Pharisee’s desire to kill Jesus because he both “ignored” the Sabbath as well as he claimed to be God. In this passage, Jesus sees a man who has been lame for many years. Jesus goes over, and He asks the man if the man wants to be healed. The man accepts the offers and is healed. The

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