Hercules Persuasive Speech

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“And then along came Zeus…” Oh how I love this movie. Disney’s Hercules is probably as close as mainstream media will get to the original , and still keep it G-rated. I need this now. This has not been the best day. You see, today is my friend, Paige’s, birthday. She had a sleepover, and invited me, and my other friend Faith. I gaze at Faith’s black frizzy rat’s nest. I wonder, how did this sleepover go so wrong? See, most of the sleepover went well. We played truth or dare, talked about boys, TPed Mrs.Dunbar’s house, made some prank calls, and played Dragon Age: Inquisition on Paige’s Xbox. But that was when the party went wrong.

“Eriiiiin,” whined Faith, “We both wanna play Five Nights at Freddy’s, why won’t you?”
“You did say that, since …show more content…

serve your birthday cake. I did not think it was cool. Hamish must have been running low on something, so he was freezing at random times, and Gabby the Guinea Pig was belching out black steam, and when they performed their signature song, “A Rockin’ Birthday Party,” it was so slow, and demonic sounding, and Barney the Beaver was running around, short circuiting, and to top off this terrible birthday, Carson the Capybara ran straight into Barney’s mouth, and Barney literally bit his head off. I started crying uncontrollably, and my mom made the Pizzamatronic place give us a refund. I never set foot in one of those restaurants …show more content…

I am plunged into darkness. The bags of Cheez-Eez, and corn chips in the corner look like demons. The couches loom over me like mountains. Mangle melts out of the wall, trailing strings, her endoskeleton all but exposed. Springtrap drops down from the ceiling, I can almost feel his moldy green ears, brushing over my hammering heart. I see Golden Freddy’s limp, hulking form in the blanket pile. Dwalin looks like Freddy Fazbear, clutched under Paige’s arm. Lightening outside flashes. For a split second, I see Purple Guy raising a knife over me, his golden badge catching the lightning, blinding me. I curl up in a little ball at the end of my sleepingbag. I’m not even safe in there. I see Chica’s holey face, with it’s four rows of teeth, dances in and out of view. Bonnie’s faceless, wire filled head jumps off of the inside of my sleeping bag. I clutch Whimsicott closer, encasing him in limbs. His cottony puffball a comfort, but not enough to make me feel secure. Foxy dives off the top of my sleeping bag, trailing wires, I can almost smell the motor oil on his putrid breath. I jump at the touch of my Snorlax plush, thinking I feel one of the animatronics brushing up against my back. I squeeze up against him too, wishing I had never played those stupid

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