Hermione Character Analysis

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From the very beginning we see Hermione as the smart one, not just in terms of academics but also emotionally. She’s always been more mature than rest of her classmates, capable of understanding human motives and emotions. Throughout the series we see Hermione grow. In the beginning, we see her as friendless and easily upset. Her classmates, especially Ron, found her extremely bossy and irritating. Only after did she lie to Prof. McGonagall, Harry and Ron realized that she was more than just “books and cleverness.” In the third book we see some major changes in Hermione’s character. In the beginning Hermione had “too much in her plate” by taking up all the subjects. Ultimately, she realizes that the subjects were too much for her and end up dropping two classes. We can see that Hermione strongly detests divination, which ultimately lead to her leaving the class. Her skeptic side found it extremely irrational and illogical. Despite of all the evidences pointing towards it, she refuses to believe that Scabbers is under threat from Crookshanks, which results in an immense conflict between her and Ron. But later she apologizes to Ron, realizing for the first time ever that she too can be at fault. When she tells Prof. McGonagall about the Firebolt that Harry receives, we see that she is the only one among her classmates to notice that such

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