Heroin As A Heroin Addict

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Have you ever encountered a heroin user or even known one? If you did you probably knew very little about what the drug has become to them. No one sets out to be a heroin addict. Janice from New Jersey told reporters about her story, “I was a high-profile model and intravenous heroin addict. I copped on the street. Heroin doesn 't discriminate. It is unbearably wonderful for suppressing pain and generating a false sense of well-being. I loved heroin. Addicts who say "I hate heroin" are lying to themselves. We wouldn 't stick needles in our arms daily if we didn 't love the way it made us feel. But when it wears off, you 're in a hole so big it 's impossible to climb out. No one sets out to be a heroin addict. It 's not a lifestyle …show more content…

You can find it being sold west of the Mississippi. The black tar is a result of the crude creation process. It is them heating and injected into the veins, under muscles, or into the skin. (Horton, Arthur 2)
On a molecular level, heroin binds and activitives receptors called mu-opioid receptors (MORs). These receptors contain neurotransmitters that are part of the reward center of the brain. When the MORs release the neurotransmitters the body is rewarded with pleasure and well being. (What Effects) The amount of pleasure that the body feels is by how strong and where the opiate is put into the body. So ultimately the brain becomes addicted to pleasure that the body is feeling.
In a short term perspective the user talks about a “rush” of pleasure. Depending on the the intensity of the rush show how fast the drug enters the brain and binds to the MORs. With heroin, the rush can be associated with flush and warm skin, heavy sensation of extremities, reduced feeling of pain, and drowsiness. Sometimes these effects can also come with vomiting, itching and dry mouth. After several hours of the initial effects the user body slows. This includes the heart, mind and breathing, which can be life threatening. (What Effects) If slowed enough the user could fall into a coma causing severe brain damage.
Long term or repeated heroin abuse changes the bodies physical appearance, brain functions and hormonal balance that cannot be

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