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Heroin Samantha Garza COM/172 02/29/2012 William Pinney Heroin “She was in a coma. She suffered brain damage and was paralyzed from the neck down; her one-time heroin use left her needing around-the-clock care.” (Bubala 2011, pgs. 1-2). This is an example of what Heroin can do to a young adult who tried the drug for the first time. Although Heroin may be a satisfying new experimental drug to young adults, Heroin is an addictive drug that destroys the human body, and can kill chronic users. The topics to be discussed in this essay are: What is Heroin, the bad effects Heroin has on the body, and what Heroin can lead to. What is Heroin? According to The Partnership (2011), “Heroin is a depressant that…show more content…
When concerning Heroin; HIV, Hepatitis, and AIDS are caused by the use of sharing needles used to inject Heroin (Pg. 1). Michael’s House (2012) explained that “studies have shown that high percentages of HIV and Hepatitis cases come from shared needle use.” Michaels’s House also stated that the use of Heroin can make a person catch a bad viral sickness such as Tuberculosis, (TB) and pneumonia. The reason for a user to catch a viral sickness is because of the immune system. The immune system fights off disease and infections, but by using Heroin it causes the immune system to slow down. Therefore, the body will be weak and the user can become very ill. Like the writer has mentioned before about the dangerous effect is becoming addicted, it makes the user want more of the drug and will try everything in his/her power to make sure he/she gets a high. Clogging of the blood vessels that leads to the brain, kidneys, liver, or the lungs is due to the Heroin not dissolved. This effect can cause infection and it may lead to death. The Partnership (2011) and Stop Heroin (2008-2012) explains the short-term effects of Heroin use. The short-term effects appear after the use of Heroin and usually disappear a few hours later. If injecting Heroin, the user will start to feel a rush and a warm flushing sensation of the body followed by a dry cotton mouth. After using Heroin and feeling the effects, the

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