Heroin The Movie Essay

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The Netflix original film Heroin(e) opens to Deputy Chief Jan Rader of Huntington fire department responding to a death caused by an overdose on heroine. The death occurred in Cabell County in a bathroom of a pub neighboring apartments, a bank and a Subway. The film follows Deputy Chief Rader, Necia Freeman of the Brown Bag Ministry and Cabell county drug clerk Judge Patricia Keler in their efforts to fight what Deputy Chief Rader describes as epidemic sweeping the nation. As the film progresses it analyses the drug and the addictions associated while expressing the social effects, crime and recovery attempts. Heroine is an illicit drug with pain relieving effects similar morphine but much stronger (Carl Hart, ch05). Heroine is delivered into the body via intravenous injection. Due to the nature of delivery system it has the potential for very high concentrations and as result has a low potency. As the drug is administrated into the body the effects are almost instantaneous which when incorporated with an excessive dosage, results an overdose. As heroine enters the body it attaches to opioid receptors which causes mild euphoria and slow respiration. In the event of an overdose respiration is slowed to the point of the user becoming unconscious and can result in death (Carl Hart, ch04). The film makes a point to state that “Huntington, West Virginia has been called the overdose capital of America” with a death rate ten times higher than the national average. On an average

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