Heroin Overdoses: A Case Study

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1) I live in Taunton, Massachusetts and for this assignment I chose the health problem heroin overdoses. On Facebook there is a group with the name “Taunton DP Scanner Talk”, which I am a member of. People from the Taunton area and Taunton residents that are listening to the scanner and are being updated, by this what is happening in the town of Taunton. Unfortunately, a lot of times you will hear on the police scanner that another overdose has occurred and that the police is on the wat to the scene. Some of the risk factors of heroin overdoses are that people who use heroin and “shoot up” unintentionally poising themselves, which is the leading cause of fatal deaths. Their intentions are to get high and not to kill themselves. Opioid patience that misuse the substance may also at risk of an overdose. Not enough doctors warn their patients about the risk of an overdose when prescribing opioids. Also people who misuse the substance also have a greater risk of getting HIV, since many users share their needles. Drinking a lot of alcohol is also a risk factor, which …show more content…

When going to a nongovernment agency, such as the BAMSI agency in Brockton, people that battle an addiction can receive help without being charged with any money and without being reported to the police. Those agency’s live from funding’s and donations. Their biggest goal is to help the individual. With helping all those people the organization could information to the department of Public Health, so they can conduct new research studies and statistics. If the same people, that seeked help at the Brockton BAMSI went to a government agency, it could become an issue since it is a contradict in itself. The government agency wouldn’t be able to “support” illegal activities, like BAMSI does by giving out needles to use

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