Heroism : William Harvey Carney And Frederick Douglass

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Heros take many forms as doctors, students, but mostly people who make the ultimate sacrifice by leaving their safety to fight for other people. No matter what a person has done, they are heroes for their extreme sacrifice. Heroism is taking brave actions, regardless of the dangers they might face, and they don’t give up easily, or put themselves before others. Heroes sacrifice their fears, desires, and needs to help others. One man, by the name of William Harvey Carney, was a winner of the medal of honor. He was in battle when the man carrying the flag was killed. Carney picked up the flag, and almost immediately was shot, but he didn’t let that stop him, he continued holding the flag, and three shots later he was done. William Carney said a short time after “I only did my duty. (wcarney.weebly)” The story alone gives the impression that Carney is acting with heroism. When Carney says it was just his duty that concludes the idea that he has made an extreme sacrifice. Likewise a man named Frederick Douglass, a freed slave who became a major abolitionist, while in a speech, he said, “It required very vivid imagination to depict the most frightful scenes through which i should have to pass incase I failed. The wretchedness of slavery, and the blessedness of freedom. (Springboard pg 71)” Douglass is heroic for doing this because he is endangering his freedom by talking in front of a white audience. Also, Douglass talks about his experiences, which reveal that his past

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