Hero's Short Story: The New World

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“The New World”

The date was 2035 and in space far away there was a purple and red Mothership. Aliens work here building robots. These robots are sent across the galaxy to different planets. There they are to study any life forms that may exist. Right now they are making two new subjects known as Devotion 1325 and his brother Jorge 1324 who were built and sent down to Earth. Dave is skinny and tall and is green and orange. Jorge is blue and red and small but strong. They are now getting ready so they may leave their room and board a rocket. The rocket will send them to Earth. “Are you excited to finally go to Earth after all our training and programing brother” asks Daveotron. “It's going to be so fun and beautiful” replies Jorge. …show more content…

The woman gets out her phone and says “hello 911 there are monsters at the gas station” “Dave maybe we should get out of here.” “No let’s stay she just called for more people to come.” “Hey brother where are you going?” says Dave. Looking around and coming down the street he sees 3 giant hovering trucks. Dave looks behind him and starts to run. George runs away from the FBI in town and calls out for Jorge “Jorge where are you” finally he finds Jorge hiding in a bush and says “Jorge what are you doing we should run” Jorge replies “no we should hide here” Jorge hears the dogs and footsteps and says Jorge waves for Dave to get in but Dave does not listen and runs once he turned the corner he ran straight into a group of FBI officials and is taken …show more content…

They test on Dave and see where he comes from and what he is meant to do until one of the people say lunch break They took Dave into a cell made of steel and a force shield to keep him in and said that they would come back in a hour and. When Dave heard that he punched and punched with all of his might but it was no use so he fell asleep until he woke up to something coming from the vents then a part of it fell down along with Jorge. “Brother” yells Dave “shhh” Replies Jorge “keep your voice down I'm here to rescue you” he whispers. Jorge finishes getting the force field to open “Let's go back to the woods and get

In the space ship do you still have the fuel.” “Yes and I actually found it dismantled in a room so we have to fix it to get home so let's go in the vents to get

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