Hester Prynne : Should She Ever Learn From Her Sin?

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Kathryn Lafferty

AP English 3, Period B-3

Harlingen High School South

6 October 2015

Hester Prynne: Would She Ever Learn From Her Sin?

In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne shows the different struggles that come face to face with Hester Prynne as the punishment persists and what wisdom she will gain from it. Through Hester Prynne 's trials she makes some drastic changes in her everyday life to overcome or at least deal with her punishment. During Hester Prynne 's punishment she begins to change, in the way that she would have looked at things before. Hester has many qualities within her character that the reader will be capable of comprehending and noticing throughout The Scarlet Letter. The transformation in Hester can be seen throughout her punishment, God starts coming into question, and through it all Hester comes to recognize the virtue that came from her sin as well as her punishment.

Only a few months into Hester Prynne’s punishment, the reader was proficient to see the change in her. Before her night of sin she, like her fellow Puritans, follows all of the rules of the puritanistic lifestyle. Hester, more strong-willed than others, decides to stay in the colony for unclear reasons. For example Hester might want her child whose name is Pearl, to grow up around her father, or maybe she still feels some ties to the father of the child and

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