Hidden Figures Character Analysis

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Triumph Over Turmoil
The movie Hidden Figures, which was first a book by Margot Lee Shetterly, is filled with truth and the real facts of what happened in the 1960s space race. Not many people know about the African-American women in NASA’s mission of getting a man into space. This story follows the lives of three black women who defied the odds and hurdled the obstacles to complete their task. They had fewer privileges for their race and fewer still because they were women. All the other workers in Katherine’s field were white men that looked down on her, and her superiors were no exception. Her boss, Mr. Harrison, finally realized she couldn’t perform her duty without equal treatment. The theme throughout is unity and teamwork, through …show more content…

He ends up giving them a police escort to NASA and Mary called it a “...God ordained miracle.” This ties in the women’s religion.
Perhaps one of the most powerful scenes is when Mary tries to enter a white school to advance in Engineering. Because of her race, she was forced to take her case to court. The judge initially dismissed the request as soon as he heard it. Mary, with an intransigent determination, however, did research on him and turned the situation around. She cleverly made it look like the benefit was for him if he let her go. She pointed out that she would be the first black woman to attend a white school. In turn, he would be the first judge to allow this to happen, and would be in the history books along side her. With that point of view, the judge happily reconsidered, and Mary was able to attend. In this single scene the audience sees the entire premise of the story; they worked hard to push through the ethnic barriers of the period with great success.
In closing, Hidden Figures is a great movie for showing how all Men are equal. If not for these women, the U.S.A. may have lost the space race. The people at that time didn’t think blacks could make any contributions to the world, and generally rejected any contradictions to that belief. What people can take from this is that three black women solved problems that stumped all the rest of the staff at NASA. The core characteristics to see from their situations is determination

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