High Crime Rates And Stricter Law

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Over population in prisons are becoming a frequent problem. High crime rates and stricter law are causes a mass incarnation level. Due to budget cuts Ohio is letting 6,000 convicted felons out early. Prisoners with low-level drug offences are eligible for early releasement. These criminals will be released to half-way houses. There they will be monitored by probation officers who will help them reenter society. This was a new idea presented by the prison chief Gary Mohr. He presented a new budget to the Ohioan government with the idea to spend less money on prisons and more money towards rehabilitation programs. Chief Morh’s argumentative point was, “Do we invest in people or in bricks and mortar? To build and operate one prison for two decades would cost Ohioans one billion dollars”. Keeping jails operating is a hefty expenses. A study by Public Safety Performance Project of the Pew Charitable Trusts showed that Ohio’s crime rate dropped 23% in 1993 -2012 but surprisingly incarceration rate rose 17%. Hopes for the rerelease is to save the state tax payers money, as well as, to fix a broken system. I believe that the Nixon’s war on drugs campaign, produced inefficient drug laws and taxpayer money should be spent on rehabilitation programs rather than building brink and morters. I understand that money controls the world, and there is no denying that our country is in massive debt. Each state is trying to find the best ways to budget tax payer’s money. Is cutting the
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