High Fidelity Analysis

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Great writers create great characters. The novel, High Fidelity, focuses on the life of Rob, owner of a record store who his girlfriend just left him for another guy. Rob tells and describes the stories of his relationships and his breakups. He faces many struggles because of the decisions he made himself in the past. Hornby created Rob and Laura as believable characters and made Rob a victim of himself to describe the flaws in human beings.
When Rob introduces his past girlfriends, he had many friends and many girlfriends, but he ruined it all. Rob had a great relationship with Penny and she was a nice girl. Rob would get frustrated with Penny because she “wouldn’t let me put my hand underneath or even on top of her bra” therefore he “was finished with her, although obviously I didn’t tell her why” (10). This characterizes Rob because he did not want to have a long, slow relationship he wanted to get in bed with the girls. When Rob described his top five break-ups, Jackie Allen was third on the list. Jackie was the girlfriends of one of his friends named Paul. But Rob betrayed Paul’s friendship and “pinched her off him, slowly, patiently, over a period of months” (15). Hornby characterizes Rob as a horrible friend who will do anything to anyone for personal gain. Rob dated Jackie while she was dating Paul. When Jackie finally ended her relationship with Paul, she called Rob and told him she “wanted to go out on a walk” and then they “weren’t doing anything in secret

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