How accuracy may be ensured in techniques used

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Unit 4
M1: Explain how accuracy may be ensured in the techniques used
Cynthia Nzeh

Task 1
1) Discuss how your choice of equipment and how it affected the accuracy of your method. Discuss good volumetric technique.
2) Calculate the apparatus error for the method used.
3) Given the value calculated by the senior technician calculate your error and comment on this error in relation to the apparatus error of the method.
In the titration, I used these available instruments to ensure my results would be as accurate as possible.
Volumetric burette: This instrument was filled with the sodium hydroxide solution that would be gradually added to the vinegar solution. The burette was used instead of a measuring cylinder as it gives a finer volume
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Good Volumetric Techniques

To achieve a good volumetric technique, the experimenter needs to be able to correctly complete certain procedures.

Before beginning an experiment, it is good to calibrate any equipment that needs calibration. This ensures that results obtain will be as accurate as possible or as near to the true value. All equipment should be inspected to ensure that there are no chips, cracks or general damage to the equipment as these could cause problems during the experiment which could affect the overall results gained. Equipment such as burettes, pipettes, flasks and beakers must be rinsed with distilled water to get rid of any impurities in the equipment. If solutions are to be poured in any piece of equipment then the equipment should also be rinsed out with the solution being used, this will maintain the pH level in the instrument. Once a solution is transferred from the pipette to the flask, touching the tip of the pipette on the side of the flask will drain any extra drops that may still remain on the tip of the pipette. When filling up the burette it is important that a funnel is used, however as the solution reaches the 0 mark it is ideal that the funnel be removed and a pipette used instead to reach the 0 mark, this is to achieve greater precision. During the experiment, it is important to swirl the flask continuously with one hand
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