High Noon Analysis

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Honor, abstract in definition, is elucidated by communities and its individuals. It is a changing force, that can be approached from many different perspectives and has been interpreted countless ways. Honor used to be interpreted as a code that members of a community would follow in order to be recognized with esteem and respect. Over time, honor has been determined by the individual, regardless of other interpretations. An individual would build their honor manifesto on the values they deem necessary to live an honorable life, honorable according to their definition. In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, John Proctor prioritizes love. Will Kane, from the film “High Noon”, directed by Fred Zinnemann, values responsibility. John Proctor and …show more content…

He was the one that originally arrested and agitated Miller, therefore, he felt it was his responsibility to address the consequences. After he had killed Miller and the additional accomplices, thus completing his personal mission, he was able to throw away the tin star and leave everything behind. That tin star symbolizes his job and the town, and by throwing it away, he demonstrates that he no longer cares or feels the need to stay. This display shows that the town, nor its inhabitants, were his source of motivation. He may have acted selflessly, but he did so for his own personal need of fulfilling his duty. Both characters developed a personal definition of honor, and both characters were rejected by their communities as result of living in accordance with their manifesto. The communities of Salem and Hadleyville, each community belonging to a unique time period and environment, has their own code of honor. However, both communities overlap in their need for self-preservation and greediness. In Salem’s case, when the witch trials erupted, many people, supposedly Mr. Putnam being one of them, and Abigail another took this as a chance to gain power and prey on those they hated. In fact, the overall community took it as a chance to spread hate and distrust. It was at this time, the community lacked

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