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Gorgeous hair can be hard to achieve without the right products. If your hair constantly battles heat, sun exposure and air pollution, you can be sure that it won't be looking or feeling its best. Fortunately, a high-quality thermal shield spray can help you save the day - and your hair.

Designed to protect against damaging heat tools, thermal spray adds and locks in the moisture your hair needs to look its best. Thermal spray makes it possible for you to continue blow drying, curling and straightening your hair while preventing, and even reversing, damage.

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The right thermal shield spray will smooth every cuticle of every hair shaft - leaving hair that is noticeably smooth, ultra hydrated and less frizzy in humid weather …show more content…

Some hair doesn't retain hydration as well as others. Fortunatly products like Theorie's thermal spray condition hair and lock in moisture to prevent damage - especially when styling with heat. These sprays additionally add an extra layer of protection between your hair and the elements. Prevent dehydration with a high quality heat protectant product.

Increases Manageability

One of the best benefits of a thermal spray is how manageable it makes your hair. Dry, damaged ahir can be very difficult to work with. Applying a thermal spray religiously to make it much easier to detangle and style - and an added benefit is it looks and feels so much healthier!

It is hard to prevent your hair from damaging exposure to outside elements, but there is something you can do it help. Give a thermal shield spray a try and you'll never look back!

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