High School Advertising Teacher : An Application Letter, And Schedule An Interview

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“Just try it. It couldn’t hurt to try,” my high-school advertising teacher constantly reminded me. Mrs. Panarelli wanted me to apply for a scholarship given by the business department in my school. I thought about all the other applicants; I had no chance whatsoever. I decided to express my feelings to her. In doing so I noticed a solemn look come across her face. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, “I don’t want you to be intimidated by the other students, their averages, or their SAT scores; this is a very good opportunity for you.” Finally, she convinced me to apply for it. I had to write a resumè, an application letter, and schedule an interview. To my surprise, this was a big deal for the business department. When going on the …show more content…

Advertising II, in my school, was an elective which was well known as a “time sucker,” meaning it was an easy course that would only help your average and fill up your schedule. To be honest, like every other student in the class, I did not take it seriously. However, it became serious when I was made aware of the grades I was getting. Something didn’t seem right. I was not “slacking off.” I was doing my work well, perhaps not to my potential, but I wasn’t getting the grades I expected. Many times I would look around the room at others and what their work was like, and I couldn’t believe it. The other students’ work was terrible. I would never even think of handing in something like theirs. Why were they pulling higher grades than I? When I finally had enough, I went up to Mrs. Panarelli after class and asked her about her criteria for grading my assignments. Simply and quietly she said, “You are not working up to your potential.” I responded by explaining how I saw everyone else’s work and I didn’t understand how I was not working up to my potential. She told me that she didn’t expect exceptional work from them but saw something very valuable in me. I was speechless. The conversation was over and my answer was blatant: I had to work harder. Once I started putting all my effort into my work, my grades got progressively higher and I was getting little notes in the corner of my papers

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