High School Should Not Have Much Experience That Affects The Way I View The Government

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Growing up in Austin, TX I did not have much experience that affected the way I view the government. It might be surprising considering that the capital of Texas is Austin and many things happen there especially things such as protest and rallies. Austin is a really good city to get involved, be known, and make changes but because of my upbringing and age I wasn 't really allowed to get involved in those kind of things. Since my family is mostly Mexican they do not really keep up with politics as much as they should. I can not remember a single time where I had a conversation about what was going on politically that wasn’t my dad. He is the only one that takes the time to watch the news daily and try to keep up with politics as much as he …show more content…

We protested downtown and it was surprising to see how many actually showed up. It was only about 20 of us protesting, but even a news reporter showed up. We later saw that somebody had shared the article from the news reporter on Facebook and reading the comments and what people from Victoria were saying was shocking to say the least. Many grown people were telling us to die and how we deserved the worst even though they did not know us or our stories. For me it was very eye opening. I have never felt as discriminated as much as I do here in Victoria and the worst part is that I feel like there is no solution to it. It made me realize that there are things even the government has no power over and will never be able to fix.
The issue I will be discussing is going to be income inequality that has been getting bigger and bigger throughout the time leading to poverty. “The GAP”, also known as income inequality, has increased greatly in the United States. Overall it’s a worldwide issue, but here in America it has become so large that it is no longer seen as an problem. There are many factors that contribute to this problem. One of these factors is, taxes. The share that the Top one percent, receives has doubled from the nineteen-twenties to twenty-sixteen. Even though, there was an economic obstacle in two-thousand-eight, the top one percent managed to get back on track

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