Higher Iq 's Success Potential

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Higher IQ ≠ Success Potential
Individuals with higher IQs such as geniuses, do not have an increased probability of success later in life due to their intelligence alone. The mental capacity of someone with a higher IQ is not an accurate measurement of one’s potential success as it does not encompass the entire cognitive ability of someone by not measuring creative thinking, and long term projections of solutions.
Geniuses do not have a higher potential of success without other necessary components or factors included, these factors have a great effect upon the outcome of one’s success in life beyond academic achievements. An IQ test is based around the crystallized intelligence of one 's mind, not the overall capacity of one’s mind as a
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The lack of information that should be measured or captured is equal to the creativity, abstract thinking and other new methods of problem solving along with better capacity for efficient and long term answers, instead of the simple answers which an IQ test searches for. The basis of an IQ test according to UXL Encyclopedia of Science, is to test cognitive ability. As said by the Encyclopedia, “IQ tests assess cognitive ability. This includes reasoning, problem-solving, logic, spatial perception, language use, memory, and the ability to draw relationships among different concepts.” The only problem with the method in which these tests are administered is that they require someone to draw conclusions, or webs between topics, which does not reflect upon the creativity aspect of anyone’s capabilities at all. This test is totally convergent in nature, not allowing for any room for another answer, and answers that come from outside of the box are some of the best answers ever given. People with more creative ability help progress the world, such as a Richard Feynman. Richard Feynman was perceived universally as one of the most creative theorists to live in his generation, yet his IQ was measured at an upper end average of 125 (Robinson, 2011). This shows quite accurately that creativity is not measured within the test, demonstrating that shows the test misses important parts which help determine if that person will become successful or not.
The method in which IQ tests
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