Hill Physicians Executive Summary

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Hill Physicians The U.S. spends more resources on healthcare than any other nation. Yet, the The Commonwealth Fund (2014, para. 1) claim the U.S. health system consistently ranks last or near last relative to other industrialized nations regarding health outcomes. Consequently, insurance companies are adopting a value-based reimbursement system aimed at containing costs and improving clinical outcomes (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, n.d., para. 35). In turn, Hill Physicians have explored innovative ways to improve patient outcomes. Hill undertook large-scale quality initiatives that involved restructuring how their physicians delivered care. As a result, they have become a recognized leader in innovative healthcare. Investigating …show more content…

They focused on preventing chronic diseases to improve the overall health of the patient population they serve. This proactive strategy identified high-risk patients early by making sure to adhere to the best practice screening protocols and provided them with healthy lifestyle education. Monitor Results Frequently monitoring results facilitate QI efforts. Porter & Lee (2013, para. 25) report physicians improve and excel when progress is rigorously tracked. Hill evaluated physician performance quarterly. This yielded current results which allowed problems to be detected early and provided continuous feed-back throughout the year, providing continuous motivation momentum. Infrastructure A powerful IT infrastructure is necessary to advance healthcare quality. Among countless other advantages, an effective IT infrastructure generates accurate and accessible performance data, allowing monitoring of results. However, Hill absorbed the cost to physicians which encouraged their physicians to adapt to the new system. Similarly, they made sure the system was user friendly which lessened frustration and resistance.

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