Hillary Clinton A Good President Essay

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Did you know that Hillary Clinton ,if elected president, will be America’s first woman president.Every four years in America a President's term in office will be up which means It's time to elect a new president. After months of campaigning there are only four candidates left Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Dr. Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson. The best candidate to lead our country would be Hillary Clinton ,because of her ideas and future plans. Initially her ideas on immigration and plans to deal with the immigration problem in America today. This is observed in a quote by Hillary Clinton when she says, “We should be deporting criminals not hard working Immigrant families who do the very best they can”(Hillary Clinton-Times) .Basically this quote is saying that we should deport the criminals and let the hard working families that are contributing to society stay and become U.S citizens . In summary her strategy to let immigrants ,that contribute to America, stay and become citizens is the best policy for America today . Moreover, her policies on taxes ,and what is now in …show more content…

They believe this because of an incident where 33,000 confidential emails were deleted . They could have been recovered ,but Mrs. Clinton used a private email server. Regardless of Mrs. Clinton’s claimed mistake she has has been in politics for 35 years and has done a lot of great deals with other countries besides this mistake she has decided done many great things that shouldn't go ignored . In conclusion the best candidate to lead our country would be Hillary Clinton ,because of her ideas and future plans. Moreover with Hillary Clinton as president Ameicans would live in a world where everyone would get taxed fairly ,where the police are respected and so are the people ,where hard working immigrants aren't deported ,and where or country is better led

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