Hillary Clinton Rhetorical Analysis

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The two candidates had completely different messages where they targeted different groups as well. Hillary’s spreaded a more positive and unifying message; Donald dispersed a message of big change and putting Americans first. Clinton’s slogans included: “Fighting for Us” “Love Trumps Hate” and “Stronger Together.” Her opponent, Trump, had one main slogan that I’m sure we are all very familiar with: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” They also appealed opposite crowds of people. Hillary directed her campaign toward her base of African-American, Hispanic, college student and female voters. Clinton hammered Trump throughout the whole election year as “someone who degrades women, mocks people with disabilities, insults African-Americans and Latinos and demonizes mexican immigrants and Muslims.” Donald Trump spoke to “small-town” America to the white, working-class voters that he knew would fire up his outsider campaign.…show more content…
He ran against the donor class and against wall street generally. He used being an “outsider” as a virtue. He emphasized that politicians did not know how to solve problems. Trump also ran strongly against the media, which he accused of being treated very unfairly or for being Clinton-biased. All in all, the 69 year old billionaire developed a direct relation to the people without a large professional organization. Last but certainly not least, Trump’s beautiful nightmare- Twitter. The presidential candidate tweeted consistently on topics of wide range. His message was direct, intense, and sometimes hostile or insolent to many
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