Hinduism And The Indian Culture

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After reading the article, I think rituals have some basic structures of meaning, and there are number of ways to show that rituals are meaningful. In the following thesis I choose Hinduism as an example to show how rituals are meaningful, how it relates to the living context of the Indian people, how the Indians enact the Hindu rituals, and so on.
India is a country full of mysteries and differences. It has a long history, a profound yet unique culture, with diversified nationalities, races, religions, languages and a huge population. The pursuit of secularism and inveteracy of sectarianism have brought huge influence to the Indian society. As the mainstream culture in India, Hinduism plays an important role in the Indian society and has dominated almost 2000 years of its history. Although in the following years since, the Indian culture gradually becomes a combination of different races, religions and languages, Hinduism still remains to be the key to dig into the development of the culture and society of India.
First, the Hindu’s worship of the imperishability of gods is the spiritual power for the Indians’ faith and persistence in overcoming difficulties and obstacles in the long history of development.
There are numerous gods in Hinduism, in which the most important ones including the Creator Brahma, the Preserver Vishnu and the Destroyer Siva. Brahma created the earth, the mortal world and the heaven, Vishnu safeguards the world and preserves the order and peace in…
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