Mid Term Lesson Plan # 3 : History And Beliefs

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Mid Term Lesson Plan #3

History and beliefs: Hinduism is an Indian phenomena, it is difficult to define, and difficult for the outsiders to understand some of the unusual religious, philosophical and cultural beliefs. It is according to Huston Smith, the…” least dogmatic and most diverse of all religions…” because of the belief that there is a ‘flowing though’ cycle where in samsara ones is born, lives, suffers, dies and is re-born over and over until the ‘moksha’ occurs. This spiritual liberation is achieved by yoking oneself to God then one may reach Atman: the real self that is separate from the physical body. It is unchanging, eternal and a sign of the soul and spread throughout all the parts of and in the earth. This is the God that cannot be understood or always known yet Hindus are encouraged to relate to the God they know best. There is still a debate within the religion if there is one god or multiple gods. The faith has been exceeding accommodation and inclusive because if the reincarnation capability. Prophets or other religious messengers become reincarnates from Vishnu or another god or goddess making them a part of the Hindu faith as well. It is often described to contain the belief in a trinity with Braham, Vishnu, and Shiva but just like humans cycle so do the cosmos as well. According to Smith, some would add the Mahadevi, the great goddess as a more accurate third part of the Trinity. Few Hindus celebrate Brahman, the creator therefore

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