Hinduism: The History And History Of Hinduism

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Among the biggest religions that exist in our society Hinduism is known as one of the oldest. This makes it a very interesting case to study and learn about it as its origin dates as far back as 1400 to 1500 B.C. Also, Hinduism is known as one of the most complex religions having millions of goods. To explain Hinduism we must first understand and be able to talk about Vedas which is considered as the most important text of this religion (Upanishads, Mahabharata and Ramayana are also important texts in this religion). This is one of the differences of this religion with the most dominate ones (Christianity or Islam) as there is a single holy book and a single God they pray to. Considering Hinduism texts, there are found different writings that …show more content…

India has always been the center of the Hinduism and it is also known as the most peaceful country in the world and as a result of its economic prosperity it has always been a target of other empires. This way, Buddhism appeared like four or five centuries before the Common Era and India got invaded by the Great Alexander but his mission was unsuccessful. As result, this invasion gave birth to the first empire of Chandragupta Maurya which drove Alexander away. The emperor of that period, Ashoka emerged along the popularization first rituals and concepts of Buddhism and that was the period of deep questioning for Indians whether how to identify themselves religiously.
At that period, ancient Vedic rituals, practices and traditions were being replaced and this was also the first step toward the Hinduism we know nowadays. Other dynasties were known for supporting traditional Hindu arts and for developing Hindu culture in significant ways. Sometime in eight century, Muslims invaded India and this gave rise to the Mogul Empire (1526-1757) and with it came an end to what might be called the “Hindu tolerance”. History by its side shows facts about several Muslim leaders to be sympathetic to ancient Indian culture and continued to support it

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