Hinduism's Influences On Hinduism

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Hinduism is one of the oldest major religions still believed in today. There has been many disputes on the origin, but most agree that the origin came about during the 2nd millennium B.C. in what is now India. Living in India at the time was the Aryans, which are believed to have had an influence on Hinduism. One of the first scriptures that the Hindus learn about is called the “Vedas” which was originally written in Aryan making people some people believe it had an Aryan origin. The Aryans believed, much like the current Hindus, in practices that involve bathing at certain times and long bursts of meditation. Hindus would disagree with that accusation saying that the origin of their religion came from a certain time or place because they believe that their religion is timeless. They believe that the origin of their religion is beyond that of human written history (Hay 30-31).

Hinduism is called a religion, but it is actually more like a group of religions. Hinduism, unlike most religions, is not based on a book or single author, but is a gathering of many authors writings which all come from many different times periods (Garcia). This has caused Hinduism to be shaped by the many cultures it has been introduced too over the millennia. One of the earliest influences on Hinduism comes from the people called Dravidians which were located in the Indus River Valley, where is now present day Pakistan (Religious Studies Center). Here, evidence was found of

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