Hip Hop Research Paper

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Have you ever queried why some influential hip hop artists aren't assembling against racial discrimination, police brutality, and other pressing issues plaguing the underserved communities?

The music their record labels market perpetuate a history of oppression that is gravely rooted in slavery. We get caught up in the hook that we neglect to decode the REAL message. These artists don't give a fuck about you or anything occurring in your "hood." Why? I thought you'd never ask. Here's a no-brainer they're being compensated for their "encouraging" lyrics.

Let's face it these artists aren't going to help raise proceeds for your boy's funeral who was just slain. They aren't going to bond you out of jail after you commit that crime. They aren't going to offer financial resources to suppress the crack epidemic in your neighborhood, and they damn sure aren't going to help you raise those six kids by your five different baby mothers/fathers. …show more content…

We do their dirty work and eradicate each other. They're doing a satisfactory job if I do say so myself. Don't believe me? Look at the crime rates in underserved communities. I'm not saying gangsta music's influence is the only issue, but hip hop music is a VITAL part of our culture. I know you got up this morning but are you

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