Historical Contribution Of Ramses II

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Ramses II was a significant historical figure who had an outstanding contribution to the continuity and change in history and the ancient world. His historical significance has been shaped by a range of ancient sources, which express the notable extensiveness of his legacy. This can be seen in his creation of a new empire, military success, the monumental buildings and architecture, and his high level of religious authority and change in tradition. These factors are further expressed in the use of specific sources, which portray the impact Ramses II had in Egypt, not just the changes he made, but how his decisions and actions affected the continuity of Egyptian society and the rest of history to follow his death. Firstly, a significant contribution Ramses II provided to ancient history was his creation of a new empire for Egypt through his military successes and expansion. The Pharaoh was completing military campaigns with his father Seti I, from as young as the age of 14, and he was well known for expanding his empire, rather than just protecting Egypt’s borders. One of his first campaigns was to banish the pirates that were inhabiting Egypt’s northern shored, and was successful in his attempt. However, it is said that it is “difficult to ascertain the success of his campaigns ”, as he came close to being killed or captured in many of these, such as the Battle of Kadesh, fought between Egypt and the Hittite forces. The Battle of Kadesh is one of the most documented battles

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