Historical Fiction Book Report of The Hope by Herman Wouk

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Historical Fiction Book Report:

The Hope by: Herman Wouk

The book The Hope is the story of Zev Barak, Benny Luria, Sam Pasternak, Kishote, four of Israel’s army officers during the major battles and struggles of Israel from 1948 until 1967. The War of Independence, The Six Day War, and the 1956 Sinai Campaigns were all major events that had major effects on Israel.

The book starts out with the war of independence in the town of Latrun with the Haganah 7th brigade. The battle of Latrun was a battle that took place in beginning phases of the war. This battle was a failure to the Haganah 7th brigade, which was newer formed unit. The main road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem which was commanded by the Latrun fortress. Arab forces were trying to take over the fortress and deny jews from entering into Jerusalem. This particular battle and the events depicted around and about the battle in the book are events and occurrences of actual history but it is a simplified version of the events, of course. But the things that are not actual or real things in history are the characters. Sam Pasternak is the fictional character used to illustrate the tasks of Colonel Chaim Herzog which was a Israeli army officer who became an army general, later a popular historian of the military, and then took on Israel’s envoy to the UN, he even took on two terms as President of Israel. The story of “Burma Road” in the book, like the battle of Latrun, is simplified. All though, in the

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