Historical Narrative Of The Holocaust

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Holocaust Essay
Between 1939 and 1945, Germany partook in the Holocaust, the systematic elimination of the Jewish race, resulting in the deaths of approximately 6 million Jews and two thirds of the European Jewish population being eradicated . Led by Adolf Hitler and the Schutzstaffel, these killings took place in death camps placed in Poland, the biggest one being Auschwitz-Birkenau. Approximately 1.5 million Jews were killed at Auschwitz and it was almost impossible to escape. However, some Jews survived as they were forced into hard labour until the end of World War II. One of these survivors was Eliezer ‘Elie’ Wiesel, who documented his experiences of the Holocaust in his memoir “Night” . His experiences and opinion contribute to the overall historical narrative of the Holocaust genocide through the recollection of events as well as first-person encounters. “Night” is renowned as the first piece of Holocaust literature which is majorly conformant with other sources and recounts, depicting an almost identical sequence of events which indicates accurate and reliable inferences and deductions from historians. Thus Elie Wiesel’s experience reflects the wider background of Holocaust survivors.

For approximately one month proceeding Germany’s invasion of Hungary on March 1944, most Jews were treated with respect by the Germans who lived peacefully amongst them. Their intention was to manipulate the Jews that the SS posed no threat and that there was no danger. Elie’s first
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