History And History Of Russia

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Russia has a rich history filled with over 100 nationalities from around the world. Our History began with East Slavs who were Slavic people who spoke Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian. We evolved from the medieval state of Kievan Rus into Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian people during the 17th century. Russia is the largest country and the most diverse in the world. The USSR was formed after the collapse of the rule of tsars of the Russian empire due to the revolutions of 1917 which were a series of revolutions that swept Russia due to building social and political unrest. The February revolutions lead to the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II and an installment of a leftist provisional government. The October revolution resulted in the…show more content…
Stalin Helped to win World war II against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb in 1949 after the United States dropped 2 on Japan to get them to surrender, The Soviet Union became the world's 2nd superpower after the United States. Due to increased tension between the United States and the Soviet Union about communism and democratic European countries, the cold war and Nuclear arms race began. The nuclear arms race was a competition for dominance in the ownership of Nuclear weapons. This led to the Cuban missile crisis which almost invoked a full-scale war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet union found out that the United States was storing Nuclear weapons in Italy and Turkey which were close in proximity to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union decided that we were going to store Nuclear weapons in Cuba which was close in proximity to the United States. The US ordered a blockade on the area and this almost invokes a nuclear war between the US Navy and a Soviet Union Submarine. The Soviet Union and the United States agreed to remove the missiles from Turkey, Italy, and Cuba which ended the crisis peacefully. The Soviet Union formally collapsed in 1991 and Russia became an independent federation. The capital of Russia remained in Moscow.
Russia is a constitutional republic has their form of government which is a semi-presidential system. As the head of state and head of government, the prime minister
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