History Of Colonial Society During The Revolutionary War

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Joseph lucero AP US History Practice DBQ Essay Every aspect of colonial society was changed in response to the revolutionary war. Not everything was radically new or even better, necessarily, but it was at least slightly changed. Even though slaves, women, and loyalists did not experience a ground shaking change to their roles in society, the sudden societal shift created unrest, which their predecessors before the war would not have anticipated despite a lack of fundamental changes. Economically, there were major pushes for self sufficiency in response to the radically changing markets. Although the economy was in flux, there were still similar patterns of abuse of economic power that caused some economic and political changes to be…show more content…
Even though people did not want to radically change their society from a total abolishment of slavery, the immorality of slavery was not so easily dismissed anymore; Thomas Jefferson spoke about the feeling of the majority of americans at this time period as,” holding a wolf by the ears”, meaning that it was not a pleasant thing to hold on to but letting it go would most certainly not be the most advisable course of action. However in new territories, since there was no slavery there to begin with, there would be no wolf to let go of; as a result in a 1787 ordinance it was written that: “ There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory” further proving the uncomfortable notion of maintaining slavery.(Doc H) Even despite these proclamations of slavery 's disgusting hypocrisy the south would maintain slavery firmly until the civil war, and being that that is where the majority of slaves resided, it did little to nothing to affect them. While the after effects of the revolutionary war were negligible in regards to the actual societal roles of many slaves, the mindset created would lead to more powerful changes throughout the course of history.Women played a significant role in the revolutionary war, many women actually fought in the war or were much more independent due to the men leaving to fight in it; as a result of these factors some women had more confidence in their abilities and
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