History Of Colonial Society During The Revolutionary War

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Joseph lucero AP US History Practice DBQ Essay Every aspect of colonial society was changed in response to the revolutionary war. Not everything was radically new or even better, necessarily, but it was at least slightly changed. Even though slaves, women, and loyalists did not experience a ground shaking change to their roles in society, the sudden societal shift created unrest, which their predecessors before the war would not have anticipated despite a lack of fundamental changes. Economically, there were major pushes for self sufficiency in response to the radically changing markets. Although the economy was in flux, there were still similar patterns of abuse of economic power that caused some economic and political changes to be called for. There were two fundamental political changes, the reactionary creation of the Articles of Confederation, a completely different form of government organization from Britain’s that created mayhem and was later chucked out the window. The second being the Constitution, a much more similar version of the British government system with some major changes. There was significant alterations in the mindsets of many americans about the institution of slavery. After the war many slaves in the north were set free out of an ideological objection created from societal uproar for freedom coupled with the lack of economic necessity. All but two states during the war banned further importation of slavery showing a subtle discontentment and

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