History Of Drusselsteinia

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In 1929, the US entered the worst depression in history. In 1973, the UK entered the second banking crisis of their history, lasting until 1975. In 1983, Israel entered a bank stock crisis. Latin America was lost for a decade with a debt crisis lasting from the 1970’s to the 1980’s. in 1991, India also went through an economic crisis. Some of the biggest, best, and brightest countries in the world have gne through economic depression, recession, or crisis. Now, the same thing is happening to a small island nation that was once good, and has the potential to be great. Drusselsteinia is a pacific island who, due to poor economic, environmental, and governmental control, is now going through economic crisis. That’s where the US and UN enter …show more content…

Members serve three-year terms. Drusselsteinia’s economy grew steadily in the fishing and agriculture areas after colonization. The country is rich with wildlife and exotic fruits, which are a major export. Fishing industries flourish, especially with regards to tropical Pacific fish. The countries few sandy beaches and coral reefs are well maintained, as they are a major source of tourism to the island, as is the mountain hiking and backpacking. The unemployment rate and wealth distribution difference are low due to the countries investment into welfare and education which boosts the economy even further. The island recently suffered from and is still feeling the lasting effects from a depression due to the poor care of the reef, beaches, and over fishing. The problem was recognized by scientists, however, and due to the commitment to science as well as a new environmental agenda, the island is working toward recovery and furthering clean environmental practices. This also includes investing in clean wind and solar energy. Today there are multiple hydropower stations on the island that provide the primary source of energy, while a few wind and solar farms create a secondary supply. They are currently following Sweden’s example and working towards a waste burning and carbon capturing program to reduce

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