History Of Mary Parker ( 1868 )

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Mary Parker (1868 - 1933)
As Taylorism was gaining influence among business managers, Mary Parker was examining the effect that people, not rules, procedures or engineering structures, have in organizations. Although not a social scientist, Follett was, at one point in his career, a professor well-regarded in business management and social services. Based on his experience as a community social worker, she spoke about organizations as integrator units, in which the contribution of each person for all workers, customers and others, created a whole new entity. (Lester, William.2010)
Follett noted that integration occurs when "people in the organization recognize their interdependence, joint responsibilities and common interests." Those individuals could include employees and volunteers, clients and others with whom the organization and are interdependent. His ideas foreshadowed the work of social scientists and the behavior associated with what was later known as the interactionalist Etzioni model. In contrast to Taylor, and Weber (who placed the office above his head), Follett is clearly focused on the psychological rather than the logic of organizations.
(EISS W.H 2004)

Follet attended the Society for Collegiate Instruction of Women, in Cambridge, Massachusetts (later Radcliffe College), graduating with a degree in economics, government, law and philosophy. While still in college he published his first book, The Speaker of the House

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