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History of Michigan’s Right to Work Reform
Throughout the 1900’s, Michigan was essentially the epicenter of growth for the United States economy. Amway, Chrysler, The Ford Motor Company, Kellogg, General Motors, and Whirlpool were among some of the top Michigan based companies that lead the growth in that time period. Michigan was the center for business and entrepreneurial excellence, however, starting in the 1970’s and continuing today, the Michigan economy has diminished into one of the worst in the country (Nash, 2012). In an effort to improve economic conditions (arguably), the state of Michigan passed a reform to make itself a “right to work” state. A look at the history before the reform shows that it was no easy task under …show more content…

This was just two years after the automobile industry government bailout and automobile manufacturing accounts for more than 20 percent of the state 's economy (Bury, 2012). According to Comerica Bank 's Michigan Economic Activity Index, Michigan 's economy reached a 10-year high in 2011 and 67,000 jobs were created (Henderson, 2012).

2012 Michigan Competitiveness Study In 2012, the Michigan Chamber Foundation along with a research team led by scholars from Northwood University, conducted a comprehensive analysis of Michigan’s economy and its position for the future. The study focused primarily on Michigan’s economic performance in relation to national averages and the other U.S. states but also analyzed the issue of RTW legislation and its impact on Michigan’s economy. The following are a few examples of Michigan’s competitiveness relative to the rest of the United States along with comparisons of RTW states vs. NRTW states (Nash, 2012):
1. Growth in Personal Income: Personal income per capita growth in Michigan grew 20.3% from 2000-2010 while the U.S. average income grew at 36.4% over the same period. Personal income growth over the period grew at just under 40% in RTW states and at 34.2% in NRTW states
2. Real Gross State Product: Michigan Real Gross State Product (GSP) trailed the national average

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