History Of Sociological Imagination

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According to C. Wright Mills one of the key features of sociological imagination is the ability to understand the relationship between history and biography, between self and society. This means that one cannot study the society without knowing its history and biography. In this course learning about sociological imagination made me realize that what’s happening in a society today has something to do with what have had happened in the past. Because of sociological imagination history and biography defines themselves in society, especially with the help of technology. In this essay my discussion will highlight the meaning of history and biography, their connection to society and how the use of technology affects the history and biography of …show more content…

People wanted change and want to change the history and biography of society. Using their sociological imagination, they developed the technology thinking it is the solution of the present and for the tomorrow. However, what people in society don’t realize is that while technology might look like a solution to the society’s current situation, technology actually rewrites an updated version of society’s history and biography. Like in socialization process where before the birth of the technology people are socializing face to face, today most of the socialization process occurs over the internet. People today are so busy socializing using the technology that it takes their personal time away from family. However, even though technology rewrites the history and the biography of society, it is actually helpful in so many ways. Technology makes life easier for so many, because people can do what they want without leaving their homes like the online shopping where people don’t need to go out and go shopping, or travel everyday to work because there are now so many options to work from home. Aside from socialization process, shopping habit and career opportunities another history and biography that technology is rewriting is the

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