Sociological Imagination. “Sociological Imagination,” By

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Sociological Imagination
“Sociological Imagination,” by Charles Wright Mills is a book about the linkage of an individual’s biography to public issues and world history. Mills creates a concept that allows one to view where their presence is in society. The whole point is to evaluate the larger things that lead one to where they are now. Using the correlation between society and yourself allows one to view your issues as society’s issues. Education is among these issues that can be traced as a social issue. Moreover, my education achievements can be traced back before I was born.
In the early 1970’s, before my grandparents met, they both crossed the Mexico border as teens. Given that, some of their family were in America, it made it much …show more content…

Similarly, in my culture gender norms were placed upon males needing to “man up,” and women were seen to be housewives. However, my grandmother wasn’t necessarily your average “house wife.” Indeed, she had children, and cooked for her husband but she also was provider as well. Like I mentioned before she worked at a fabric factory, but later applied to work for a hospital as maintenance. Here was a young mother of four stepping outside of the stereotypical norm to work and ensure stability for her family. Exposure to the workforce was very much embedded into the her children’s lives. Seeing both parents provide towards the household demonstrated a sense of equality among both male and female. As previously noted, my grandparents wanted their children to succeed in life so my grandfather always advised them to do more than he ever could. With money being low and my mom being the oldest she was forced to get a job at twelve. My grandfather helped her receive her first job working at a swat meet. With one child making some money, and two parents working they were able to save enough money to buy a house in the 1980’s.
A couple years later my mom turned eighteen and graduated high school. Straight from high school she was pushed to find a better paying job. Due to my grandma already working at the hospital, she managed to get my mom a job as a file clerk. My mom worked there for a couple years until she got

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