History Of Special Education Essay

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Special education has changed in many different ways throughout the last century. The views of they way students with differences should be taught and treated have changed as people have become more open minded.
The education laws have also seen a turn about. One major area of education was in a desperate need of changed opinions and beliefs. Education for children with learning problems has emerged from no education to special funding and programs especially for those individuals with learning problems.
The first phase of special education is the largest span of time. The Foundation Phase was from 1800 to
1930, children who had any sign of learning problems were labeled as dumb, retarded, and even brain …show more content…

One of the major aspects of this phase is inclusion. Inclusion is educating students with disabilities in regular classrooms in their neighborhood schools, with collaborative support services as needed.
Another aspect of the Current Phase is when the EMA of
1975 was rewritten as IDEA in 1990. IDEA, Individuals
Atwell 3 with Disabilities Education Act, made it hard to suspend or expel students with learning disabilities because of their behavior. IDEA also required that each learning disabled child have an IEP, Individualized Education
Program. An IEP is a document that must include current performance of the student, the annual goals the student needs to achieve, special education and related services the child needs, participation, if any, with nondisabled children, modifications needed to take state tests, dates and places of when and where special services will be provided and the measuring progress of the child.
Before a student can have an IEP, they first must be labeled as a student with a learning disability.
There are stages to figure out whether or not a child has a learning disability. The first stage is noticing if a student is having difficulty in one or more subject areas. The next step is to evaluate the child’s suspected disability area, but before this can take place, the school must receive permission from the parents to evaluate their child. Then the eligibility is decided by a group of qualified

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