History: The Roman Empire and The Feudal System

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When the Roman Empire fell the people were left in confusion and left the people in awe. Since they were left without any ruling, they had no idea what to do. Riots and fights broke out throughout Europe. Kings and queens had to tame the corruption. The feudal system had been created to keep order throughout the kingdoms. This order was suppose to keep the kingdoms from ever corrupting again.The feudal system was made to keep order but itself it was corrupted. Once born into a status that is in which you stay. The church itself was in had its own hierarchy, believing they had more power than the king. Had the sense of if not christianity, then no other religion. The time of change is really the time of power and deceiving.
Roman empire in which covered most of the western Europe.Held in the hands of the great leader Augustus. He had conquer and took over many places of western Europe. Some may say more than he can handle. Augustus had the thought that he and his army was undefeatable. Barians had took control of his land. This angry, uncivilized group of men, conquer his the land. Leaving the Roman empire to crumble into the hands of the “great leader”. Leaving the people in confused commotion, falling into the period the “dark ages”. A time of for change, however it was otherwise.
The kings and queens to order made a system of order called the feudal system, in which it was an hierarchy.In this hierarchy you can see the pope/church in it’s own box. Showing that the

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