Essay about History of Religion in Communist Cuba

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History of Religion in Communist Cuba


The evolution of religion in Cuba, after Castro’s insurrection in 1959, has included much suppression by its proclaimed atheist, communistic government. There are several reasons that account for why this suppression has occurred, coupled by a recent trend (beginning in the late 1980s) of a religious revival, and more importantly, a growing Christian population within Cuban society. This growing spirituality can be attributed to many aspects of the Cuban economy and society. Also, it is important to observe how Castro’s negation of religious and human rights was perceived by Pope John Paul II during his pilgrimage to Cuba in January of 1998. The suppression which has existed
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Spiritual Hunger Existing in Modern-Day Cuba:

This trend has often been considered a reflection of the economic hardships being suffered throughout Cuba, and it has even been deemed a "spiritual crisis". Disillusioned Cubans are desperately searching for means of gaining political and civil rights and religion is the driving force behind this momentum. This new trend is described by author John W. Kennedy when he says, "After nearly four decades of unrealized communist dreams, Cubans are ripe for change. There is a spiritual hunger in the land, a void that Marxism has been unable to fill." Cubans turn to religion (and more specifically the Catholic Church) because it is an autonomous institution, outside Castro’s regime that can offer them aid, and solutions for how to better their lives. Cubans’ calls for help have been addressed by many Catholic churches. These institutions are now, (after Castro has subsided some of his suppressive policies) allowed to distribute daily necessities such as medicine, food, and health care free of cost. This is however, ultimately beneficial for Castro because it relieves some of the pressure which has been inflicted on the state of Cuba. This growing necessity for religion that began amidst a long history of suppression realizes its future of conflicting ideologies with the Communist party of
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