Essay on History of Roman Citizenship

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Citizenship is highly coveted in many nations, so coveted in fact that through only a few processes can one become a citizen for most nations, might that process be natural birth or naturalization. Citizenship and its privileges were also highly valued in Rome, except becoming a citizen was extremely difficult if not impossible. Roman citizenship also leads to assassinations and war within the Italian peninsula. There is a complex history to Roman citizenship.
Roman citizenship dates back to the founding of Rome in 753 BC. In the beginning, citizenship was only granted to those living in Rome. Providences and territories were excluded. Citizenship was deemed to be highly valuable because with it came the right to vote. But as Rome and its empire grew, citizens only living in Rome gradually became an issue.
Provinces and territories gained partial citizenship early into the Roman Republic, but they still lacked the essential right to vote. All laws and regulations were being made in Rome, being voted on by Roman citizens only but being delegated to all the territory of Rome. The people outside the walls of Rome and its citizens were being ruled without a vote into their own laws, and they saw it as unfair. This is comparable to the issue between the emerging United States and Great Britain in the years prior to the American Revolution. The people were being legislated but had no say in their own legislation. The provinces were appeased by Rome though, for…