History of Space Exploration

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Introduction to the History of space exploration
To start the researching of the future of the space exploration the very first thing we should do is to look through a history of this particular topic. The main reason for this is because the history is a fundamental background for our understanding and knowledge. Aeronautical engineering does not have a long and deep history, compared to many things. Moreover, some information cannot be proved nowadays and that is why the only one thing that we can do is to suppose and rely on accessible sources.
Every year we are using more and more modern technologies in order to try to explore our solar system, unknown planets and deep space. However, we should think that our ancestors could not even believe that the physical space exploration will ever become a reality since antiquity. (Aerospace, n.d.)
When we ponder over the early history of the space investigation we encounter the unquestionable fact that it used to be mostly theoretical. For instance, Isaac Newton established his book about the required mathematics knowledge for space exploring in 1687 (BBC Isaac Newton, 2014). There are some other people, like a Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler and Italian mathematician Joseph Louis Lagrange who were undoubtedly necessary in the 18th and 19th centuries with their scientific works. In spite of all the factors, aeronautics has not become a practical discipline until the middle of the 20th century (Galileo Rice, n.d.).
1.2 History of

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