History of the Big Four Men Railroad System

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The Big Four were the men known in building the Central Pacific Railroad, the western portion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in the United States. The four men were Leland Stanford who was the President, Collis P. Huntington who was the Vice President, Mark Hopkins who was the Treasurer, and Charles Crocker who was the Construction Supervisor. Leland Stanford was born in the year of 1824 in Watervliet, New York, and was raised on family farms. Stanford began law school around the year 1848. Stanford got married in 1850 and had one son. Stanford moved to California during the Gold Rush after loosing the law library his father got for him. He helped in organizing the Sacramento Library Association, which later became the Sacramento …show more content…

In 1869, the tracks of the Central Pacific Railroad joined with the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad and America then had a transcontinental railroad. Huntington had a friend introduce a bill in order to excuse the company from repaying money for the railroads. The Southern Pacific grew to more than 9,000 miles of track. Huntington prevented the port of San Pedro from becoming the main port of Los Angeles using the Southern

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