History of the Evolution of Women's Rights Essay

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Until the mid-19th century, women were considered possessions of their husbands, and had no control over their money or property. Thanks to the women’s right movement, this has all changed and things run a little differently now. Spouses are now equal under the law and property is shared between them.
In the common law, all women’s property except land and improvements went to her husband and it became under his control. “She” pretty much had no say in what happened to any of her things. Women were slowly losing all of their rights. If the husband wrote in his will that everything was his and none of it would be given to his wife, then the wife pretty much had no property if the husband died before her. If they had a kid when they were …show more content…

The argument for passing it was that it protected married women and their children from irresponsible husbands.Later on in 1860, 14 states had passed the same version of the statute. 29 states had passed the same version of the Married Women’s Property act by the end of the civil war. The act didn’t take much to pass considering the women had just got their rights. But they were still going through fights and time. They had to get these laws passed because they had things to worry about loosing. For example the main thing they were worried about was not being able to write their own will. Without it they had to worry about not being able to keep the things they owned if their husbands had died or if they were just ignorant and left their wives. If they had children the women had to worry about loosing their kids in the middle of it. Their kids could be sent to somebody that wouldn’t be a very good guardian for them. Not only was it messing up the women’s lives it was messing up their kids too. The fight for married womens property acts was not as bad as the fight for womens rights. They did not have to go through the danger of their lives. One couple that did protest was Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell. They protested for the custody of the wives person. They also were fighting for the custody of their children. Which they thought the guardianship should not just be under the

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