Who Is Sudabeh's Notion Of Intention?

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The notion of intention is a curious concept since it plays a significant role in the value judgments that individuals make regarding the actions of others. Comprehending the reasoning behind an action seems to carry importance for observers, so much so that actions that are inexplicable or have unclear motivations create an aura of mystery and intrigue that stems from attempting to comprehend that anomaly. Even within literature, characters whose intentions seem convoluted capture the reader’s attention since the reader tries to understand why the character commits to or abstains from an action. An example of a character in the Shahnameh that poses such an anomaly is Sudabeh since the intentions behind most of her actions seem unfathomable. …show more content…

This specific indicator can be seen when Sudabeh interprets Seyavash’s refusal to choose a wife as indication of his love for her even though his refusal is due to the fact that her daughters are the descendants of the demon Zahhak. Furthermore, Sudabeh’s countless attempts at seducing her own stepson are a sign of histrionic personality disorder, since individuals with this disorder are known to conduct sexual advances in inappropriate contexts. Although these analyses begin to paint a compelling picture, perhaps the most convincing symptom is that individuals with histrionic personality disorder are known for highly exaggerated reactions to rejection and to act radically in the face of unrequited interest. Furthermore, as a reaction to this rejection, the individual will manipulate stories and lie about events as a way of coercing attention or sympathy. The expression of this symptom is explicitly seen when Sudabeh is rejected by Seyavash and begins her deceitful plotting and her radical actions such as faking an assault, pregnancy, and a miscarriage. Finally, individuals with histrionic personality disorder enjoy manipulation and provocation, and their manipulative actions do not always have a clear motive. Moreover, these individuals conduct much of their manipulative actions in the context of their relationships, and especially when they feel that their relationships might be in jeopardy. This can be seen in Sudabeh’s actions after she realizes that her relationship with Kay Kavus might be threatened and the translation states, “when Sudabeh realized that Kavus despised her, she began to plot against Seyavash”. Hence, when Sudabeh feels threatened in her relationship, she begins to plot against Seyavash. In conclusion, it seems that a diagnosis of histrionic personality disorder is a

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